Easy DIY Jumpsuit!! / #MCCDIY

OK ladies and gents :)

I wont go into great detail with this post because I have provided a DIY for you guys to follow along and make you very own !!  But I will give you a few details . 

 I used Mcall 6964 for the top portion of the jumpsuit : 

I used Butterick 5893 for the bottom portion of the jumpsuit :

Both patterns where much easier than the first to use and I had to do very little cutting off the top of the pants. I did have to adjust the pants on the sides by the shirt running in s, m and large sizes and the pants running in number sizes. This adjustment was really easy and I show how I make it in the video ! I'll post some pictures of the outfit for you guys and then the link to the video !! I hope you enjoy and dont forget to tag #MCCDIY so i can see all my Crafty Doll photos !!!!

Until Next Time XOXOXO

Coral Comfort Jumpsuit / M6964 S1668

Oh !! I love this one for so many reasons !!


Comfort, Color, and Convenience !!!

This jumpsuit is sooo Comfortable the fabric is soft and extremely manageable !

I love the Color, the pictures just don't do it justice ...it has this beautiful sheen to it !

And the Convenience of it being one slip on slip off piece is just perfect !!


I used two patterns for this jumpsuit


Simplicity 1668 for the Pants



And McCall 6964 for the top

Now ,originally I didn't have a completed idea of how I wanted the jumper to look I just knew that I wanted a full jumper with flared legs and I wanted to do something different with the top .
I searched through a few top patterns before I found what I THOUGHT was the perfect one ,but two things ended up being wrong ... It was discontinued and as I did more research I discovered that it was more of a open wrap shirt than a full shirt that could be connected to pants ...
The look on the pattern was VERY deceiving so it was back to the drawing board once I made that discovery ...
What I ultimately ended up choosing was a McCall pattern I already had for the top and purchasing a pants pattern ....
Even though I ended up taking the cheap way out by using a pattern I already had ,I had to adjust the pants because they where in sizes S,M,L and the top was In standard US sizes ...bummer...
I should have considered that
In the end I completed the top and then adjusted the pants to fit the waist of the top ...it was a constant try on and off process

I ended up having to trim about two inches off the top of the pants to get them to fall where I wanted ...I also added a attached belt that I made extra long so I could wrap it different ways

In the end I decided that I wanted the belt to be the main focal point of the jumper and I absolutely love how it turned out ...

I used a ITY knit from my local Joann's..

Oh! I also cut thumb holds in the sleeves just to give it a more sporty look

I plan to make one of these in black for a more dressy look, I've already spotted the fabric I plan on using ... Now it's just a matter if casing the joint until it goes on sale :)


Another beautiful addition to my fall collection !!!

Until next time lovelies XOXOXO !


Chocolate Oldie But Goodie ! / Vogue 8921

This will be a quick post gals because I just received my Janome Serger  in the mail today and I cant WAIT to go play with it :)  This week is my birthday and my husband decided to surprise me with my very own!! I have been wanting one for sometime now and since I just recently opened my own store this was the PERFECT gift !!! IM SO EXCITED ...

Ok , so I'll take a minute to talk about this beautiful chocolate pieces that I made over a year ago ... I got started on it honestly .... a year ago .. but never finished it ....

I know..... that's pitiful but I am a recovering procrastinator so bear with me :)

                                                         I used Vogue 8921 for this one


I've made this dress twice and I absolutely love it because it can be dressed up or down ...
Add a belt and wear it to work or take the belt away for a more dressy look to wear on date night or out to dinner with your girlfriends ! 

I love versatile pieces !!

This is a great piece for my fall collection so I am  so glad that i finally finished it .. 
This dress is SUPER easy to make and took me MAYBE 2 hours to make !!

I will be wearing it more this fall , the color is perfect and absolutely YUMMY. 
I used a ponte matte brown fabric .. I purchased it a year ago from Joann Fabrics 

Now off to play with my new toy!!!
 Until next time XOXOXOXO

Victorian Garden Skirt


"Gardening is how I relax.

It's another form of creating and playing with colors."

~ Oscar de la Renta

Meet Victorian Garden....

Midi Skirts are the epitome of Southern Style .. that would explain why I have fallen completely in love with them . Being born and raised in Alabama pretty much makes you a poster child in the"Southern Belle" category :)

These skirts effortlessly capture the femininity of a woman which is why I am so in love!!

The wonderful thing about the midi skirt is it can be created in so many diffrent styles...

I decided with this design to add pleats and of course a set of satin lined pockets ....

I don't have to tell you how handy pockets are in a skirt!!! So I added them !




This skirt screams CHIC... it shows off just enough leg to keep it classy but leave them wondering :)





I decided to use this beautiful double sided brocade that Icame across at my local Joanns... I knew the minute that I saw it what I was going to do with it !! I mean it literally jumped out at me in the store ...


The fabric is beautiful !

It has just enough fullness to stand out on its own with no petticoat or horse braid!!!



I paired the skirt with a beautiful gold top that I found at my local thrift store for $1.99



Oh yeah! the shoes are also thrifted ( $4.99)



I decided to add this one to my store!!

If your interested in having one for your very on Visit MCC Schatzi !!

This skirt also comes in a light version that is just as BEAUTIFUL!!


Until Next Time XOXO


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Gaudy Girl !

Gaudy Girl

She's that girl that LOVES to be seen ... She is extremely outgoing and passionate about her style.. 
Meet Gaudy Girl ... 

She is in a class all by herself

This beautiful high low skirt is made from a luxurious stretch taffeta, this fabric has a moderate stretch but a beautiful sheen that will catch the eye of anyone when you walk into a room. 
The skirt has a 2 inch waistband and a 18-24 inch drop(including waistband) . 


Available NOW in a variety of Beautiful Colors!!!



Today I am so proud to announce the opening of my new store!!!.. I've been working over the last few months coming up with the design concept and exactly how I want my vision to be portrayed in my pieces!!
I really had to sit down and think about everything that embodies a woman ...
Sophistication , Style , and of course Sexyness !!!

Thats what this line will embody .. EVERY QUALITY of a Woman 

Introducing ...*Drum Rolls* :-) 

Pronounced "Shatzy" is a German word for endearment or treasure... Its the most commonly used word by couples to show there love and affection for one another. A woman is a treasure and should always dress as such , thats the woman I m targeting.. the woman who has confidence and wants that to exude through her apparel... 

This line has definitely been a labor of love ...
The collection is just beginning and I hope that you all will enjoy my pieces because everyone of them  is a little piece of me ... I want woman to feel beautiful when wearing my designs . 

Please visit the Store at 

I hope you love the designs !!!!

Classy Girl !

Classy Girl Skirt
She is seen but never heard. Her style speaks All for it self.....

This beautiful circle midi skirt is made from a luxurious stretch taffeta, this fabric has a moderate stretch and a beautiful sheen that will catch the eye of anyone when you walk into a room.

 The skirt has a 4 inch waistband and a 27 inch drop(including waistband) . 
She also comes with pockets because every girl loves a skirt with POCKETS!

 Available on "MCC Schatzi"  in a  variety of beautiful colors Now !!! 


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