Retro Chic - Butterick 5748

Retro Classic

 Oh! This Dress !! 
I have wanted to do a Retro/ Vintage Dress for some time now .  
So when I came across this fabric at my local Joann's I knew it was time !!

Funny story about this fabric.... First I have NO IDEA what kind of fabric it is .. Reason you ask ? 
Well I recently saw a beautiful dress that Mrs Erica B did in a beautiful blue Neoprene. So I set out looking for some because I had the dress in the mind but needed fabric with a texture... THIS WOULD BE THE PERFECT FABRIC . I started online and kept reading that a lot of people had found some at there local Joann's ... 
 I grabbed my keys and dashed out the door .... 

ran back in and threw a bra on .... 

AND then ran BACK out the door :) 

I get to Joann's  and ask the lady at the cutting counter to point me to their Neoprene fabric.... she , VERY  lackadaisically ( BIG WORD ALERT) pointed me in a VERY GENERAL direction of where the neoprene was ..... 


adjective adjective: lackadaisical lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.

And THAT she was ! Anyway I digress...
 I begin looking with no real image in my head of what neoprene looked like up close.. Then I see this really beautiful stretch fabric that looked like what I THOUGHT neoprene should look like .. :) I read the bolt and it didn't say neoprene but said something that I had never seen before so I STILL thought this MUST be neoprene..
I'm all excited ... I run to the counter and ask the man if this is in fact NEOPRENE ... 
He looks up smiles and says " No maam this isnt .. do you know what neoprene looks like ? " .. I then said " No sir I really dont :) " He smiled and tooked me to the back close to the textile prints .. While we where walking he said that he had seen the last of it on the clearance isle.. As we where walking he radioed a manager and asked her where it might be ... 
She said the where ALL OUT ....... :( 
I asked him when they might get some back in and he said it was no telling ... 

 So I had no neoprene .. No way of getting any in the IMMEDIATE future ... 

But I still had this beautifully textured fabric that I had once thought looked good enough to surely be neoprene ... 

I slapped it on the counter, directed the man ( in a very nice way) to cut me 4 yards.
I thanked him .. paid .. and left .....

The pattern that I had decided on before I ever made it in the store was Butterick 5748 Retro pattern:

I wanted my first Retro pattern to be sleek and simple... 
I went with the NO BOW option 

 I lined the Bodice portion with a Tricot knit  

I used horse hair on the hem to give it that beautiful fulness !!
This was my firs time working with horse hair ... I watched a really detailed tutorial on youtube and WAHLAAA It was fairly simple!!!
I love the look that I was able to achieve

I am SO not a GIRLY GIRL but I cant help but feel puuurty in this dress !!

Belt face - Joanns 
Elastic - Joanns 
Stretchy Satin Fabric - from my Stash :) 

The belt was very easy to make .. I measured the elastic around my waist , added 2 inches on both sides and cut ... I wrapped the fabric around the elastic and stitched. 
After I stitched all the way down on both sides I looped the covered belt around the loops in the belt face and sewed a zigzag stitch on both sides .. 

I will be making more of these !! In every color !!! ":) 

I hope you guys enjoyed !! I loved making this dress , It was a breeze to put together !!

Until Next Time XOXOXO!! 

Make Your Own Pin Cushion

Personally I've made the decision NOT to sew on Sundays ..
However ..who says I can't sneak in a quick craft ... ( Hey! I'm not sewing !)

So let's go !!

Step 1 : Use your top INSERT to trace out a circle on your fabric ..leave about 1-2 inches all the way around , next use the top ( without insert) yo trace out a circle on cardstock .. Be sure to trace the INSIDE of the top .

This is what your pieces should look like !!

Step 2 : Stack in this order ...Top ( without insert ) , fabric cut out m and a handful of poly fil

Step 3 : Push poly fil in through hole of top

Step 4 : Add top insert and push down until you feel it snap In place ...

Step 5 : Cut access fabric and glue down
( pulling fabric slightly as you clue down )

Step 6 : Pop out cushion from top then Glue down cardstock cutout to cushion bottom

Step 7 : Glue the inside of top and then push cushion through until it snaps !!

Your all done !!!
Start using your pin cushion !!!

Goddess Dress !

                                        Goddess Dress!!!!

             I found the inspiration for this dress on one of the many fashion website I visited daily :)

I cant remember the website where I originally saw this dress but I was ecstatic when I ran across it again on a sewing blog... It was MEANT for me to sew this dress .... and I did ...

Originally I wanted to sew the dress in some beautiful white poly that I had been saving but one day while in Hancock I came across this on the remnants ...

 YES the majority of my pieces DO come from fabric found on the remnant counter :)  

I am honestly not sure what type of knit this is but it feels almost like a baby blanket .....
Like seriously .... and the drape was just as beautiful 

The dress was a breeze to make ... 
 When I finished making the lines on the fabric it looked like a Triangle with a flat top ...
If you guys would like a DIY on it let me know below!! 

What I love the most about this dress is the back and that it can be worn two different ways !!!
It was so incredibly easy to make I KNOW that I will be making more in different colors !!!

So are you ready to make your own :


I hope you guys like !!!



DIY Skater Skirt

Super Easy  

DIY Skater Skirt !!!!

So hunnies, this is my first DIY of the summer  and I soooooo love how this piece turned out ! 

I plan on doing them all summer for you guys , so make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so that you know the minute I upload them !!!  

I'm always looking for outfits to wear that are comfortable and versatile ... truth be told Id rather be in a pair of baggy jeans and t shirt any day over a dress...... :)   But occasionally I do like to look cute !

This Flirty Skater Dress allows me to do just that ... be cute at the soccer fields AND at a gathering with friends if need be ...  

I started with pattern M6964   and added a circle skirt to the base.

Fabric Used:  Stretchy Cotton

The pattern was super easy to follow and there where guides on the pattern if you wanted to change it up to make different variations of the top  . I,  however just needed a basic pattern . I also wanted it to be form fitting so I cut one size under. Now, please  ONLY do this if you have a stretchy fabric ( which I did ), otherwise you will be out of luck in the FITTING department :)

         To make the skirt I used a really easy formula that MIMI G shows on her YouTube channel .

 It allowed me to get the same cute affect of a circle skirt WITHOUT all the math :) 

Anyway,  I hope you guys love ... 

If you wanna make one of these for yourself get your tools and watch my
 Skater Dress DIY .. 

I had so much fun making it for you guys !!!!


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